Pros and Cons of Throw Away Cell Phones

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cell phonesA throw away cell phone offers basic phone use including making and receiving calls. They are inexpensive and are another product of many disposable electronics (disposable cameras, disposable batteries, and disposable bulbs for example). Throw away or disposable cell phones are available at many retailers at an affordable cost. When one has a phone of this nature it may be good for use for a specific period of time. It may not have special features like text messaging but they offer the ability to communicate with others over the phone easily.

Throw Away Cell Phone Defined
Commonly known as a disposable cell phone they have a limited battery life while being made of material including plastic and rubber. They have on average about 4 hours of talk time. The phone may not have a screen to view visual content; meaning when you dial a number you may not be able to see numbers appearing but you hear a tone for each button pushed. A fully charged phone could last up to 150 hours but in most cases these types of phones are used for emergencies only. You may have the option to add minutes to the phone.

Basics of How It Works
Disposable cell phones are easy to obtain. Many retails stores offer them and they are inexpensive. Upon purchasing the phone personal information such as your name and address may be needed along with paying the fee for the phone. There are options that let you add airtime minutes and pay an additional fee for international calls. When the phone is purchased this is when calls made and received can begin on the phone (purchasing the phone activates it).

Who is the Product Good For?
Anyone on a budget that doesn’t want to spend a ton of cash on a cell phone will find throw away cell phones perfect. Parents may opt to get them for their children. It can be a good first cell phone for children to have depending on their situation. An example may be a student who often walks to and from school. It can be a form of security. Senior citizens on a budget may also find them useful. They are great to have if you plan to travel and want something simple and convenient without heavy expenses.

Additional Insight to Consider
Purchasing a disposable phone can cut costs and reduce risk of getting into trouble. For children and teens parents have little to worry about. They don’t cost a lot and parents know their child is able to do very little except make necessary calls. If the device gets lost no personal information such as contacts or photos are compromised. Identify thieves won’t be able to do much with them. Users should be responsible when getting rid of their device, even disposable ones to help the environment. The phone itself may have information on how to dispose of it properly. You can also check manufacture details and the retail location of where it was purchased.